Founded in 1925 as the Frank Wiggins Trade School, Trade-Tech is the oldest of the nine public two-year colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD).*


Our LACCD Commitment to Students

Mission Statement

Los Angeles Trade Technical College advances communities through pathways to academic, career, and transfer success that empower students to achieve career technical certificates, associate degrees, transfer, and employment.

Our Vision

LATTC will be a global leader known for effectively incorporating leading-edge theories, proven educational practices, hands-on experiences, and technology into our career-technical and professional programs, as well as transfer pathways. LATTC graduates will be in high demand. Many will become community, business and innovation leaders.

To achieve our vision:
  • We will be known for our experimentation with new ideas and innovations to improve student success.
  • We know that a single positive experience – a course, a program, a service, or a person who cares – can be transformational for a student
  • We are re-engineering our institutional practices, so we can take our college to a new level – a national and international leader in meeting students’ needs, particularly those facing socio-economic challenges.


President’s Office

Pathways & Instructional Affairs (PIA) – Academic Affairs

Pathways & Administrative Support Services (PASS) – Administrative Services

Pathways Innovation & Institutional Effectiveness (PIIE) – Institutional Effectiveness

Pathways & Student Affairs (PSA) – Student Services



District/College Boilerplate

LATTC Foundation

The Los Angeles Trade-Technical College Foundation was incorporated under the laws of the State of California to promote and assist the educational programs of Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. The organization was established as a nonprofit public benefit corporation. A ten-member Board of Directors governs the activities of the Foundation and provides leadership for the college’s fundraising efforts. The board membership consists of business and community leaders and members of the college staff. All board members volunteer their time and serve without compensation. (read more)

Participatory Governance

Student Demographics

The most current demographic information can be found on the website of the Office of Research & Planning* at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. Nearly half of all Trade-Tech students work more than 30 hours per week and approximately this same percentage indicate that they are attending the college for job preparation.


Service Area

The entire 882 square mile Los Angeles Community College District.


Accreditation Links


Degrees Granted

  • Associate in Arts Associate in Science
  • Certificates of Completion in selected programs


Courses Offered

All academic courses required for transfer to a four-year college or university as well as nearly 90 different occupational programs, some of which can be completed in little as one year.


College Colors

Violet and Gold




25-Acre Campus

Located in the City of Los Angeles approximately two miles south of the Central Business district.


Student Success Scorecard

Student Success Scorecard


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