Student Stories

Abigail Cuevas

Abigail Cuevas
Abigail Cuevas, Architecture Technology – 3rd semester

Aika Azuma
Architecture Technology, 3rd semester

Alexa Victoriano

Alexa Victoriano
LACCD Graduate 2017

Angelica Gomez

Picture of Angelica Gomez
Angelica Gomez, Cosmetology 2010

Arandeli Posadas

Arandeli Posadas
Arandeli Pasadas, LATTC Graduate Transfer 2017

Beatriz Argumedo

Picture of Beatriz Argumedo
Beatriz Argumedo, LATTC Culinary Arts Graduate 2016
Currently Criminal Justice major

Brandon Davis

Picture of Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis, Mechanical Engineering, 3rd semester

Charles Greene

Picture of Charles Greene
Charles Greene, LATTC Graduate 2016, Advanced Transportation and Manufacturing

Christian Banuelos

Picture of Christian Banuelos
Christian Banuelos, LATTC Liberal Arts, 3rd semester

Danny Martin Del Campo Larios

Picture of Danny Martin Del Campo Larios
Danny Martin Del Campo Larios, Graduate, Barbering 2018

John Noyola

John Noyola
John Noyola, Associate of Arts, Social Science 2017

Nakisha Mcfadden

Nakisha Mcfadden
Nakisha Mcfadden – Certificate, Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management; Transfer to Cal Poly Pomona

Vincent Rogers

Vincent Rogers
Vincent Rogers, Current English major