Abigail Cuevas

Picture of Abigail Cuevas
Abigail Cuevas, Architecture Technology – 3rd semester


When there are events on campus, you’ll likely see Abigail Cuevas. She likely will be smiling and asking you to join in the fun at her college, and she is a twin so you might think it is her sister.

Abby is the definition of a Trade Tech baby. Her parents brought her and her sister to this campus when she was very young because it was haven for them. There was too much violence in the neighborhood parks, so her parents would bring them to campus to play and enjoy the safe environment.

Abby’s parents separated when she was 14, and immediately she knew she would have to take on more responsibility in order to help her mom keep the household together. She remembers her friends asking her to go out and have fun, and she had to spend lots of time helping her mom. Of course that didn’t stop her from graduating from Wallis Annenberg High School with honors. And of course, she knew she would enroll at LA Trade Tech, because it was part of her childhood.

She enrolled in 2011 but had to leave school due to a serious illness. Abby did not return to school until 2016 when one of her close friends died. She was considering a career in administration of justice but took a design class in architecture. It changed her life. She has blossomed in architecture and she and her sister were part of the Trade Tech student team that recently won the Junk Wars competition against some four-year universities, turning waste into usable energy.

She is student success at Trade Tech.