Arandeli Posadas

Picture of Arandeli Pasadas
Arandeli Pasadas, LATTC Graduate Transfer 2017


Arandeli Posadas has already done a whole lot in her life.

She has helped her single mom to bring up her younger brother trying to keep a stable household as she attended Trade Tech.  She graduated from Gertz-Ressles High School and worked all kinds of jobs to help her mother. That includes working at a factory, inside restaurant kitchens, customer service, babysitting and housekeeping. She used to drive past LA Trade Tech almost every day and finally decided to enroll in 2015.

She was in search of assistance in moving forward with an Administration of Justice degree. She found two organizations that helped her campus. She joined the state program known as Puente, which seeks to provide student guidance through a transfer pathway. She also joined RISE, which stands for Respect Immigrant Student Education and eventually she became the group’s president.

She learned how to manage her time, she learned how to organize events, she learned how to effectively communicate, she learned how to rally her classmates and she learned a lot about her abilities to lead. During her RISE presidency, she advocated for and was able to secure the district’s first-ever Dream Resource Center right here at LATTC. This center now serves hundreds of Dreamers with resources, legal advice and tutoring.

Aradeli earned her A.A. degree in Criminal Justice and transferred to Cal State Dominguez Hills.  She’s still balancing work and school, but she knows she is closer to her goal.