Brandon Davis

Picture of Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis, Mechanical Engineering, 3rd semester


Brandon Davis knew something had to change in his life after he spent one summer working for a package delivery service. His first paycheck was $54.

Immediately he began investigating community colleges and his choice was LATTC. Brandon was home-schooled through a program called City of Angels in Gardena, and it was then that his love for engineering began. In fact, members of his family work in the oil refinery business, so he had figured out his career choice long ago. Brandon loves to connect with people. He loves the Trade Tech energy and is a real fan of our diversity. He also likes to give back.

Brandon has spent two semesters as a math tutor, in our campus cross-cultural center. He tutors in math. Other students like his style because they claim Brandon breaks down the subject in very simple terms. Students like Brandon’s tutoring because they say he doesn’t speak down to them, he instead attempts to find their level, and brings them up to where they should be. That’s not an easy task.

He also points to LATTC engineering instructor Artemio Navarro for encouraging him to become a tutor and to help his classmates when they are in need. He currently receives assistance from student services for books, supplies and his current position. He’d like to transfer to Morehouse College in a year.  That could be the next big change in Branson’s life.