Charles Greene

Picture of Charles Greene
Charles Greene, LATTC Graduate 2016, Advanced Transportation and Manufacturing


Charles Greene has changed his life. The man had twelve siblings and felt lost growing up. He didn’t receive much attention from his family, so he started looking for attention elsewhere. He dropped out of middle school. Soon enough, he was hanging with the wrong crowd, and ended up committing crimes and going to jail. From 1984 to 1996, he was in and out of incarceration. Finally, he made the personal choice to lead a more productive life, he decided to attend church and he took a job in the transportation field as delivery person for Black and Decker and DHL. During that time, he would drive past Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, and he wondered whether the transportation training could further his dreams. It was not long after that he enrolled at LATTC , and dived right into the auto collision classes where he excelled. He just loves restoring old vehicles and joined other students in restoring an old fire engine that was donated to Haiti.

Charles says it was instructor Fred Morago, who taught him about the transportation industry, and Charles is pursuing something that a lot of students do here. He is taking classes to secure his GED. He knows it will help him further his career. Besides his career, Charles spends his time as a youth pastor but is never too far away from Trade Tech and his classmates. He mentors current transportation students and loves to talk about cars.

During his time on campus, he became ASO president, and president of the ADAMM Club which is comprised of transportation students. He helped launch the campus car show and has been positive influence on so many. It has been an amazing change.