Christian Banuelos

Picture of Christian Banuelos
Christian Banuelos, LATTC Liberal Arts, 3rd semester


Christian Banuelos found his strength at Trade Tech.

Christian is a visually-impaired student dealing with a disease called Stargardt, also known as juvenile macular degeneration. His eyesight is diminishing but not his thirst for education.

Christian was diagnosed with this disease as a teenager and it made him depressed. He felt cut off from the world, until he enrolled and walked onto the campus of LA Trade Tech College. People began encouraging him to embrace higher education, and they were especially interested in his talent of being to express himself through poetry and rap. That’s how Christian found his voice, and began his journey of beating back the stigma of being visually-impaired.

He has joined the Performing Arts Club and has been president of the Puente chapter on campus. He has become an inspiration for some of his fellow students. This ability to help others and to express his thoughts has made his experience here at Trade Tech, both exciting and fulfilling.

Christian credits LATTC and the office of Disabled Student Programs and Services for giving him the courage to cope.  His future  is in clear focus now.