Vincent Rogers

Picture of Vincent Rogers
Vincent Rogers, Current English major


Vincent Rogers could have easily let his life revolve around one mistake. But he didn’t. Back in 1990, he was attending LATTC and was in the workforce when found himself at a nightclub. Someone disrespected him and a fight ensued. When the dust settled, he was serving a six-year prison sentence. After being released his father passed away, so it was a difficult time, and education was furthest from his mind. It was his mother, also grieving, who told him to get off the couch and go secure more education.  One of the last things that his father said to him, was to finish his education and take care of his mother.

He came back to Los Angeles Trade Technical College in 2012, and was contacted by Umoja to join the program.  In 2014 he was promoted to be an English tutor. He is currently tutoring students at the Umoja Village. His experience as an English tutor ignited his passion to be an instructor in English. He wants to impact students’ lives in a really positive way. He likes the fact that he is teaching people and changing their way of thinking about English. He especially wants to change the narrative surrounding black male teachers in general.

It could have been easy for Vincent to be bitter about his incarceration. Instead he used it as motivation to change other lives in a positive way.