About Academic Affairs & Workforce Development

faculty-recruitmentThe Academic Affairs & Workforce Development division oversees all instructional and educational activities centered on pathways leading towards transfer preparationcareer-technical trainingworkforce preparation that includes instructional technology, learning centers and grant-funded programs.

Leticia L. BarajasVice President, Pathways, Innovation, and Institutional Effectiveness (PIIE), Accreditation Liaison Officer

barajal@lattc.edu • (213) 763-7071 • Juniper Hall (ST) 519

Deans of Pathways, Innovation, and Institutional Effectiveness (PIIE)

Vacant, Dean – Liberal Arts Pathway & Transfer Center

Chito Cayajon – WorkSource Center, Special Workforce Initiatives

Michelle Cheang – Health Sciences Pathway, LAH3C and Career Pathway Trust Grant, AB86/Adult Education

Vacant, Dean – Sciences and Construction, Maintenance & Utilities Pathways, Catalog & Scheduling

Leticia Barajas, VP – Design and Media Arts Pathway, Academic Technologies

Vincent Jackson – Cosmetology, Culinary

Cynthia Morley-Mower – Labor Studies, Library, Incubation Unit, Academic Services

Marcia Wilson – Equity, Strong Regional Collaborative Pathway