Pathways & Instructional Affairs (PIA)

The Pathways & Instructional Affairs division oversees all credit instructional activities centered on pathways leading towards transfer preparationcareer-technical training, that includes instructional technology, scheduling, curriculum, Library, Athletics.


Marcy Drummond – Acting Vice President, Pathways & Instructional Affairs, Accreditation Liaison Officer ST

Dr. Arineh Arzoumanian – Applied Sciences Pathways, Construction, Maintenance & Utilities Pathways, and Curriculum
Dr. Ann E. Hamilton – Cosmetology, Health & Related Sciences Pathways, and Athletics.
Vincent Jackson –Culinary Arts, Library, Media Services & Academic Technologies, and Scheduling.
Dr. Henan L. Joof – Design & Media Arts Pathway, Liberal Arts Pathway, Distance Education & Online Education
Cynthia Morley-Mower – Advanced Transportation & Manufacturing Pathways, Business & Public Service Pathways, Labor Center, and Cooperative Work Experience

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