Faculty Evaluation Handbook

This comprehensive handbook includes an overview of faculty evaluation, premises of the LATTC evaluation process, roles and responsibilities, a description of resource materials, and steps in the evaluation process. The handbook also includes all evaluation resource materials, checklists, and forms.

Faculty Evaluation Handbook

Evaluation Resource Materials

  • Article 19 (pdf) (word)
  • Article 42, Tenure Review and Evaluation of Contract (Probationary) Faculty (pdf) (word)
  • Types of Formal Faculty Evaluations (pdf) (word)
  • LATTC Classroom, Clinical, Lab, Online Observation Procedures (pdf) (word)
  • Evaluation of Faculty According to Effective Teaching Practices (pdf) (word)
  • LATTC Faculty Evaluation Guidelines (pdf) (word)

Evaluation Checklists and Forms

  • Article 19-Evaluation Timetable Worksheet (pdf) (word) (excel)
  • Article 42 – Tenure Review Timetable Worksheet (pdf) (word) (excel)
  • LATTC Faculty Self Assessment Form (pdf) (word)
  • LATTC Syllabus Evaluation Checklist (pdf) (word)
  • LATTC Review of Course Materials Checklist (pdf) (word)
  • Student Evaluation(s) for Classroom Instructor (pdf) (word)
  • Student Evaluation(s) for On Line Instructor (pdf) (word)
  • LATTC Classroom Observation Checklist (pdf) (word)
  • LATTC Clinical Observation Checklist (pdf)
  • LATTC Lab Observation Checklist (pdf) (word)
  • Basic and Comprehensive Evaluation Summary Form for All Faculty (pdf) (word)
  • Part B Evaluation Form for Classroom Instructors (pdf) (word)
  • Part B Evaluation Form for Librarians (pdf) (word)