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LATTC Getting Started with Canvas

A Guide for Students

  1. Login directions:
  • Go to
  • Username = your student ID number , example: 881234567
  • Password = 8888mmdd or 8888 + month + day you were born, example 88880101 for Jan 1 birthday
  1. High Recommendation: Reset Your Password:
  1. Add a preferred email address if you don’t want to check your LACCD email:
  1. Set your notification preferences:
  1. Learn to Use Canvas Video Link:
    1. 6. What to do if your login fails: a. If your account was created, you can use the RESET PASSWORD / FORGOT PASSWORD routine. Tutorial Link:
    2. b. Your email account was created with your LACCD student email. So if you did not add another email and change your notifications, use your LACCD student email with the password reset functions.
      1. i. If the password reset function does not work, take the following steps: i. If you just added within 48 hours, try to log in on the third business day after adding.
      2. ii. If you added more than 3 days previously, submit a trouble ticket by clicking on the word HELP on the canvas homepage ( and then click on REPORT A PROBLEM.


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Directions for some of the Google Apps for students: