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Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (LATTC) is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education.

Why is Accreditation important?
Some history
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What is Accreditation?

“Accreditation is a voluntary system of self regulation developed to evaluate overall educational quality and institutional effectiveness. The ACCJC accreditation process provides assurance to the public that the accredited member colleges meet the Standards. It assures that college course credits, associate degrees, and occupational certificates earned at the institution will be recognized by other colleges and universities, guaranteeing that academic work may be transferred in pursuit of advanced degrees. Accreditation also assures the business community that the academic work a student completes best prepares her/him for employment in the workplace. In addition, our accredited status allows us to offer federal financial aid assistance to eligible students who apply.

Some history

LATTC submitted a Self-Study Report in March 2009.  In June 2009, the ACCJC reviewed the Self-Study Report and the report of its evaluation team which visited LATTC in March 2009.  The ACCJC made six college recommendations and three District recommendations. LATTC submitted a Follow-Up Report in March 2010, which addressed three of the college recommendations and all three District recommendations. In June 2010 the ACCJC reviewed the 2010 Follow-Up Report and the report of its evaluation team which visited LATTC in April 2010. It noted the considerable good work done by LATTC to address recommendations and requested that the College provide information on the Annual Required Contribution (ARC) for retiree health benefits. LATTC submitted a Follow-Up Report to the ACCJC in March 2011 addressing four of the 2009 ACCJC college recommendations. In June 2011, the ACCJC reviewed the 2011 Follow-Up Report and the report of its evaluation team which visited LATTC in March 2011 and took action to reaffirm LATTC’s accreditation.  In November 2011, the ACCJC sent LATTC a Certificate of Accreditation. LATTC submitted a Midterm-Report in March 2012, which addressed the six college recommendations and the three District recommendations made by the ACCJC’s evaluation team in March 2009, and the ACCJC’s 2010 request for information on the ARC. In June 2012, the ACCJC reviewed the 2012 Midterm-Report. It noted that LATTC responded to the six college recommendations and three District recommendations from the 2009 comprehensive review, reviewed progress on self-identified plans for improvement, and addressed the 2010 request for information regarding ARC for retiree benefits.

More questions?

You can find our more information about accreditation at the ACCJC website, www.accjc.org and at the Department of Education website.  Also check out the ACCJC publication with answers to Twelve Common Questions About Regional Accreditation. If you have questions, comments or concerns, e-mail or call the following accreditation representatives:

Accreditation Liaison Officer – Leticia Barajas, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs and Workforce Development, Barajall@lattc.edu, ext. 7071

Faculty Accreditation Coordinator – Kenadi Le, Lek@lattc.edu, ext. 7152

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