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What is BIT (Behavioral Intervention Team) and what purpose does it serve at LATTC?

Have you witnessed a student behaving strangely in the classroom or within a service area? Or maybe you have a student in your class that has suddenly shifted their style of behavior and it concerns you. These types of situations can be confusing for faculty, staff, and administrators on a college campus. As a response to the growing awareness of college students facing mental health issues, food and housing instability, sexual harassment, suicidal thoughts, and other stressful circumstances, college campuses nation-wide have begun to establish teams of individuals who can coordinate services for students facing crisis. Members of BIT will assess reported behavior collectively and coordinate preventative measures in attempts to reduce the risk of campus incidents.

Mission Statement

The mission of BIT is charged to identify students displaying signs of distress and/or a possible crisis and intervene at the earliest point by linking the student with available resources, maintaining an ongoing connection with these students, and providing a safe learning environment for all.


Team Membership

The LATTC BIT is comprised of Student Services administrators and staff, faculty, Sheriff’s Department Deputies, the HEAT (Higher Education Assessment Team), DMH professionals, and St. John’s Well Child and Family Center partners.