How to Report

Time is of the essence when addressing a possible student crisis. All faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged to report any student behavior they find concerning based on the guidelines listed above. When reporting, please be as detailed as possible. BIT has established multiple methods of submitting a report. While it is helpful to have the name of the reporting party, reports can be submitted anonymously.

1. Online: Reports can be submitted at the BIT webpage located at http// There you will find a fillable form to submit a report directly to BIT.

2. Email: If you would like to send a report via email, please do so to


3. Paper form: You also have the option to visit the Student Services office in room ST-532 where paper forms are available in order to make a report.

For emergencies either dial 911, contact the campus sheriff’s department at (213) 763-3600, or dial extension 3600 from all campus phones.

Regardless of the reporting method chosen, it is important to have the following information available to make a report:

  •  Name of student(s) involved
  •  Date, time and location of the incident(s)
  •  Course information if incident occurred in class
  •  Incident description
  •  Names of possible witnesses
  •  Remedial action taken (if any)
  •  Names of other college personnel who are involved and/or aware of the incident