Roles and Responsibilities

Faculty, Staff, and Administrators are responsible for:
  •  Setting clear expectations for student conduct based on LACCD’s Student Code of Conduct
  •  Documenting each incident of disruptive and/or concerning behavior
  •  Reporting incident to appropriate contact (Supervising Dean, Vice President, or BIT)
  •  Maintain student confidentiality (example: sharing information with uninvolved coworkers or general public)
  •  May request follow-up to a reported incident
  •  Be prepared and knowledgeable in the methods of reporting concerning behavior
  •  Cooperate with BIT to implement recommended action plan for mitigation of threat
Vice President, Pathways and Student Affairs is responsible for:
  •  Initiating formal disciplinary action when warranted
  •  Formally communicating to involved parties as to decisions made regarding student
  •  Establish guidelines for readmission to class/college
BIT is responsible for:
  •  Direct intervention and mediation with students involved in disruptive situations or possible crisis
  •  Consult with faculty, staff, and all other involved parties
  •  Clarify action plans when requested
  •  Creating steps to resolve situation satisfactorily
  •  Offering crisis prevention, training, and information for reporting methods to faculty and staff on request
Campus Sherriff’s Department is responsible for:
  •  Responding to any emergency situation on campus
  •  Intervening in situations where the safety of an individual is in jeopardy
Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS) is responsible for:
  •  Authorizing and providing academic accommodations (support services) to students with medically and educationally verified disabilities
  •  Providing academic and disability management counseling to students with disabilities
  •  Consulting with faculty concerned about a student
  •  Referring students to additional resources on campus and in the community