LATTC Construction Update

imgconstAugust 25, 2008
This is the first in a series of correspondences designed to keep the LATTC college family informed about the current campus construction and how it will affect our campus routine and the education of students, especially as the semester begins next week.
Modular Village–T Buildings
It was a monumental effort to re-locate all of the Student Services from the A-Building. With it, has come some challenges, and we encourage employees who find problems with their workspaces to notify the administration immediately. Employees may fill out a form requesting attention to problems in their areas. The forms can be secured either through Vice President of Student Services Ramon Castillo’s office (student service issues) or the Dean of Academic Affairs Leticia Barajas’ office (academic affairs issues). They must be returned to those offices upon completion. Some type of response can be expected within 48 hours.
Monday August 25th, 2008
This is a key date. Construction crews will be erecting a fence around portions of the A-building, including the vacated east wing. That means the only access to the building will be north-facing doors near the President’s office and the doors at the end of the A-building west wing. On that day, construction crews will begin demolition of the planters between the H and A buildings. Also construction crews will begin building a trench between the LRC and the D building covered by metal walkways. It is critical that students and staff steer clear of the construction areas for safety purposes. Some temporary construction quarters will be erected in Stevens Square during this time. Also in case you were wondering, the large tree in Stevens Square will remain untouched.
D-Building Upgrades
The D-Building air conditioning/heating project will take approximately 18 months to complete. In order to avoid any disruption of classes and to keep students and staff away from any exposure to hazardous materials, the crews will be working some weekends and evenings. We ask faculty and staff to be aware of the crews, and to use caution during the construction upgrade.

Questions about construction can be emailed to:
Those questions will be passed along to the proper staff and answers will be sent along as soon as possible.