Accreditation Is Here!

Accreditation Visit

The accreditation team visit is still a few days away, but the accreditation process is already underway at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. For weeks now, the accreditation team has studied our website, reviewed process, assessed documents and selected campus staff to be interviewed during the official visit. Preparations are underway to present a clear and responsible view of our institution and its ability to educate and serve our student communities. This is an assessment of our entire college and everyone has a role to play in this review of our college structure.

These items are critical to a successful accreditation visit:

  • Be familiar with the accreditation report. Read it before the visit. Understand the standards and our responses especially as related to your areas.
  • Be friendly and prompt. The accreditation team is on a very tight schedule.
  • All students and staff are invited to two open forum sessions. One is scheduled for Tuesday, March 24th from 5:00pm and 5:30pm. The second is scheduled for Wednesday March 25th between 10:30am and 11:00am. Locations of both forums will be LRC-107.