Financial Aid Offers Workshops

Financial Aid director Cecilia Kwan has orchestrated a series of financial aid orientation workshops here at Trade Tech to inform students of the process of applying for and receiving financial aid. Along with Ruth Bledsoe and the financial aid staff, Kwan walks students through the process of the FAFSA application and many of the paperwork issues that crop up for students. She is providing a resource for students who often find the financial aid process to be cumbersome and confusing. Kwan gives all of the pertinent deadlines as well as scholarship opportunities available to students. With so many of our students needing and qualifying for financial aid, this is a truly necessary service. Dozens of students already have attended the gatherings in the ASO lounge and there are more workshops to come.

Financial Aid director Cecilia Kwan explains the FAFSA

Financial Aid director Cecilia Kwan explains the FAFSA

It is important that all students apply for financial aid, so none of the funding goes unused. Both state and federal financial aid is governed by strict deadlines and rules, so you need to visit the financial office to become familiar with both. Financial aid is more than just funding for tuition. It can often help with books and supplies, fee waivers and other expenses related to higher education. The Financial Aid office is located in the T-N modular building just to the south of the LRC. Look for the purple and gold tent. The staff can help you with any questions and paperwork. You can also reach the Financial Aid Office by calling 213 763- 7082.


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