Student Services Retreat Looks at Accreditation

Allison ReidOnce again the push was toward a common goal. The LATTC Student Services retreat at the USC Radisson Hotel focused on accreditation, and our need to work together to remove this college from probation. Organized and led by Dean of Student Services, Dr. Theda Douglas, the day was centered around the need to understand probation and to develop strategies to respond the accreditation team’s recommendations.

President Chip Chapdelaine set the tone for the day by delivering a rousing welcome speech about the successes of this college and how much it hurt him personally to have Trade Tech placed on probation. He was extremely positive in saying that he knows will can remove the sanction and make what is currently a remarkable college even more remarkable. ASO president Allison Reid echoed those comments during her address and stated that the students are willing to do whatever it takes to assist in the strategies needed to remove the college from probation.

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District vice-chancellor for Institution Effectiveness Gary Colombo attended the retreat to give a district perspective and to explain the efforts that helped remove LA Southwest College from probation. Chapdelaine, Colombo, Douglas, VP Student Services Ramon Castillo, Dean of Academic Affairs Vincent Jackson, Dean Cynthia Morley-Mower, Dean of Enrollment Management Dr. Raul Cardoza, Associate Dean of Matriculation Dorothy Smith and researcher Eddie Afana then joined as a panel to answer specific questions from students about accreditation and the campus itself. It wrapped up with Colombo stating he has no doubt that we can remove our sanction if we simply work together on it. VP Student Services Ramon Castillo gave a quick overview of accreditation and what it entails, repeating the accreditation theme of “Keep Moving Forward”.


After lunch, the retreat attendees were given an update on campus construction, then a presentation on the three recommendations laid out by the accrediting commission. There was a presentation on student discipline. Finally department head Marilyn Maine and researcher Eddie Afana conducted an exercise on creating a mission statement. Each entity attending the retreat was the given the task of creating their own mission statement tied to the college mission statement.

Marilyn Maine and Eddie AfanaThere was discussion and exchanges on a wide variety of topics. The retreat got people thinking about where we need to go as a college. Thanks need to go to Dr. Theda Douglas and her committee for a day of insight and information. The 110 attendees came away with a new sense of teamwork and commitment.



ASO Q&A – Part 1 of 2

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ASO Q&A – Part 2 of 2

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Accreditation Presentation – Student Services

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