Convocation 2009 Engages LATTC’s Remarkable Faculty

Lots of smiles and lots of work were the order of the day for the Faculty Convocation 2009, just before the opening of the Fall semester. For many the day also involves the renewing of friendships, talking about those summer trips and wondering about the new construction. This year the theme was our accreditation status. With more than 200 faculty members cramming into the cafeteria and eating the wonderful culinary breakfast, organizer Chini Johnson-Taylor welcomed everyone and explained the urgency in making sure our accreditation response is proper. President Chapdelaine also focused on the need to put together a report that clearly responds to the accrediting team’s recommendations. The faculty also heard from Daryl Holter, the new president of the LATTC Foundation. District deputy chancellor Gary Columbo also stressed the point that the college has work to do, but he is confident that Trade Tech will have its sanction removed. Marilyn Maine and Eddie Afana discussed program review and its process. Vice presidents Marcy Drummond, Ramon Castillo and Mary Gallagher gave a great presentation on the full accreditation recommendations.