President’s Newsletter: Issue 1

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Accreditation Response in Full Swing

Get Involved!
The purpose of this newsletter is to provide clear and direct information to the entire campus on a regular basis. Given the importance of campus dialogue and communication in our accreditation response, we will be distributing this newsletter frequently, so you can feel connected to all of the information that is critical to a successful report. There is also another purpose for this newsletter. It is to encourage a healthy exchange of ideas and to provide important information. I urge you to visit the accreditation pages on the Trade Tech website, so that you feel fully informed and up-to-date. At the bottom of those pages is a blog for direct response. If you have questions about the response, accreditation or our report, you are welcome to send us a question or comment and we will offer an answer as quickly as possible. I am confident that if we work together, we can remove our sanction this Spring, and focus on the true excellence of this college. It will take teamwork and cooperation but I know you’re ready!

Please visit the Accreditation webpage for information, news and the latest on our responses. You can also offer a question or a comment. Just visit the link below.

Trade Tech’s Accreditation Strategy Delivered to BOT

Rutilio Castor and Magic Johnson

Rutilio Castor and Magic Johnson

Our interim Vice President of Academic Affairs Kathleen Burke-Kelly and myself, made a presentation to the LACCD Board Committee on Student Success where we spoke about the work already underway to prepare our response to the accreditation recommendations. We laid out our timelines for the Fall in preparing an integrated budget and planning cycle, a robust program review process and new initiatives on dialogue and communication. I told them the work is in full swing.

Trade Tech Student Selected as Rising Star

This is a photo of Rutilio Castor, an LA Trade Tech Community College Rising Star. He was selected by REEO as a Magic Johnson Foundation Leadership Conference candidate. Resources for Educational and Employment Opportunities (REEO) is a non-profit organization committed to empowering community college students with the opportunity to transfer to a four-year university, to earn a college degree and to obtain a professional position upon graduation. REEO’s partnership model is aimed at creating mutually beneficial relationships between community colleges, community college students, universities and corporations. REEO works closely with its community college partners to empower underserved talented community college students by providing professional, academic and financial resources at no cost. The Rising Stars Program transferred 100% of its community college student participants who applied to top tier four-year universities. Rutilio’s story is a prime example of the special work being done at Trade Tech and the special students who attend this school. REEO has set up partnerships with NYU and UC Berkeley, and encourages transfer students to set a career pathway. Transfer Center director David Esparza is currently working with both universities to set up webinars for the Rising Stars

Deputy Prime Minister of Australia Visits Trade Tech

Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard

Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard

Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard was thoroughly impressed.

She made a point to visit Los Angeles Trade-Technical College during her stay here in the United States. She said that when it comes to accessible “green” curriculum, Trade Tech’s reputation is now global including “down under”. She is also the minister of education and part of her mission is to find methods and technology to improve her country’s infrastructure. She was thoroughly impressed with Trade Tech’s vision and the integration of “green” in all career pathways. Gillard is the highest-ranking woman in Australia’s political history and yet was very at ease with our students and faculty.

Congratulations to Marcy Drummond, Leticia Barajas, Jess Guerra, Tom Vessella and Brano Goluza for putting together a great tour. Physical Plant did a great job prepping the areas, and hanging banners. Deputy Dodd and her crew made everything very accessible for media and VIPS. Thanks need to go to Roxanne Romo for helping with the gifts.

Deputy Prime Minister with Group

Another great day for Trade Tech, but this time on an international stage!