President Chapdelaine and VP Gallagher Discuss Accreditation before Classified Convocation

Accreditation response remains the number-one priority among the Trade Tech staff and part of that response is making sure there is plenty of dialogue surrounding accreditation issues. President Chip Chapdelaine and VP of Administration Mary Gallagher delivered a detailed and thorough presentation about the accreditation responses before a packed house in the Garden Room. It was a gathering of the Classified Convocation and those attending listened intently as Chip and Mary discussed all of the work that already has taken place in answering the accreditation recommendations. They looked at the three major recommendations, dialogue and communication, integrated budget and planning and collegial consultation. There was also a call for action that is being repeated at gatherings throughout campus. The call is for everyone to play a role in the accreditation response. For those who didn’t get a chance to attend, you can watch the accompanying video. Congratulations to Lori Hunter and her team for putting together an excellent program.



September 17, 2009
President’s Opening Speech