SLO Workshop Features Dr. Janet Fulks

The Student Learning Outcomes workshop led to a packed house in the Garden Room. It was a joint presentation by Faculty and Staff Development, chaired by Chini Johnson-Taylor and the SLO arm of the accreditation effort, led by Tom Vessella. More than 45 faculty and classified staff, along with three administrators filled the Garden Room for a three-hour workshop led by Dr. Janet Fulks, professor of microbiology at Bakersfield Community College. Dr. Fulks represents faculty on the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges in the following areas:

State Senate Curriculum Committee Chair, State Senate SLO/Accreditation Chair, State Senate Basic Skills/Non-Credit Chair , Area A representative for the State Academic Senate, State Senate representative for ARCC, Perkins and Hewitt.

Dr. Fulks talked about the need to be thorough and clear with Student Learning Outcomes, giving a college its best chance of having a solid accreditation visit. Her presentation was recorded and will be posted below, and you’ll be able to access it anytime.  The workbook and glossary can be found on the Staff Development webpage.


SLO Workshop Videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4