Attention Trade-Tech Students! Regarding Accreditation

There is a misinformation campaign being conducted on-campus dealing with our campus accreditation. It is important that you know and understand the facts regarding our status. Information is being distributed that in inaccurate and serves only to hurt our accreditation response efforts.

  • Your current credits won’t be valid because the campus is on probation.  FALSE!

Los Angeles Trade-Technical College is FULLY accreditated, and all courses will count toward a degree, a certificate or a university transfer. Probation does not affect the validity of any courses. It is a request from an independent accreditation team to provide more information about the educational aspects of the college. No campus within the LACCD district has ever lost its accreditation.

  • Certain administrators botched the first accreditation report. FALSE!

Many people worked very hard on the first self-study. To say their efforts were “botched” or to lay blame on individuals is counter-productive and wrong. The accreditation team placed us on probation for procedural and documentation issues. It had nothing to do with the efforts of those who heroically completed the self-study.

  • The administration is not responding to the accreditation team’s recommendations. FALSE!

Most faculty, staff AND administration understand the importance of this accreditation response and have been working diligently to develop the most comprehensive response ever issued by Los Angeles Trade-Technical College is its 80-year history. Dozens of people have been working very hard on program review, communication, dialogue, participatory governance, institutional integrity, student learning outcomes and planning and budget, and each of these areas have been gathering supporting documents. We have hired consultants and administrators, extremely knowledgeable about this process. We are ready to shine!

  • The accreditation status led to cancellation of the winter session. FALSE!

Our state funding crisis has led to a signififcant reduction in the winter session offerings. Our accreditation status is completely unrelated.

  • Spring semester will be cancelled midway through the semester because of accreditation. FALSE!

We are offering a full slate of Spring classes and many students already have registered. Once again, Trade Tech is fully accredited and our status will have no effect on the validity of the classes being offered during the upcoming semester. Our accreditation team won’t even issue its report on our visit until after the Spring semester ends.

We need you to be fully informed and not swayed by false accusations or rumors. LATTC has been around for a long time and we plan to be here for many more years. If you want more information, please visit our Accreditation Webpage at…

You can also catch quick updates on:


We also plan some upcoming Open Forums to keep you up-to-date on your college’s efforts to make this the best accreditation visit possible. Know the truth!


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