Accreditation Town Hall Meeting

It was a full afternoon of information and updates for the entire college. More than 250 people filled the cafeteria for the annual campus Town Hall meeting.

State of the College

President Chapdelaine focused on the positive aspects of this institution. We have become the global leader in career-technical education, “green” curriculum and partnership training. Our graduates are entering the workforce despite the difficult economy. The construction has changed the face of the campus with the opening of the South Campus buildings. The president’s message was this college has plenty to be proud of.

Planning and Budget

VP Mary Gallagher talked about the enormous effort by the college to finish with a balanced budget last fiscal year and this one as well. It has been a real sacrifice for many departments and programs, but the fact remains we have avoided furloughs. The prioritized budget lists are online and campus input is encouraged.


ASC co-chair Joe Ratcliff and district administrator Gary Columbo talked about the depth of our accreditation response. Both said the timelines are crucial and people need to offer input on the response which is online. VP Kathleen Burke-Kelly would like to receive all of the blog or written input from the campus by today, so please respond.


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