GAIN/CalWORKS Graduation Centers on “Change You Can See”

The stories are incredible. The successes are amazing. And the engine behind it, is the energy of GAIN/CalWORKS director Linda Cole. Once again she put together a heartfelt 2010 graduation program for her GAIN/CalWORKS students that had some incredible and historic moments. First of all, Ms. Cole centered the event around her theme, “Change You Can See”. Dean of Student Services Theda Douglas and Vice President of Student Services Ramon Castillo, congratulated the graduates and talked about reaching for their dreams. Ms. Cole then introduced two-term ASO president Allison Reid, who shared some stories about her GAIN/CalWORKS experience and the motivation she drew from Ms. Cole. Then Lolita Symphony delivered a vocal presentation, and it became a thrilling duet with Ms. Cole herself! What talent! Then if that wasn’t enough, she brought up the recent winner of the Junior Style Stars nationwide competition, Angie Gomez, also a GAIN/CalWORKS student. Just two days earlier, Angie had been announced as the winner of her hairstyling competition, the first public community college student to win ever. She gave an inspirational testimony about her life and Trade Tech.  It brought the crowd to its feet and there were few dry eyes in the place. Ms Cole then gave Angie a gift of beautiful luggage, because Angie is heading all over the country as the winner of this competition. Angie then handled a makeover on a model. We also heard some comic stylings from culinary arts student Mr. Roosevelt, who was fabulously funny. Finally the Gain/CalWORKS students were given certificates for them accomplishments. A wonderful presentation about a truly wonderful program.