Chef Steve Kasmar and the Culinary Arts Department Step Up for Fundraiser

The LA Trade Tech family is amazing when it comes to people in need, especially Steve Kasmar and the culinary arts department. Just a few days ago, he heard from Chef Spence and her husband, about the tragic fire affecting Shalina Adams, a single mom with 2 children enrolled in our culinary program. She basically lost everything, her entire apartment burned down. Immediately Kasmar rolled into action and put together an amazing international buffet in support of Shalina and her family.

Ms. Georgette Powell from Mel’s Fish Market came by and cooked the product herself. Felix Chavez from Sysco Food service, and Jane Williams from Select Produce donated their products and time. Kasmar was only able to pull off such an event in four days with the help of others. The faculty, staff, Pam Cole and students of the culinary and baking departments, are always willing do whatever it takes to get our events done. They make this department shine.

But Kasmar’s leadership and willingness to help is constant. We wish Shalina and her family the best as they get back on their feet.