Commencement 2010 Was Spectacular!

It was the culmination of a lot of hard work, vision and trust, as Los Angeles Trade-Technical College held its 2010 graduation exercises right here on campus for the first time in maybe 20 years. And the celebration was memorable! More than 600 students, the largest number we have had in many years, took part in the ceremony on a stage and venue created by individuals on the graduation committee chaired by Dean Dorothy Smith for the fifth straight year and co-chaired by Assistant Dean Luis Dorado. We congratulate Dorothy for her leadership and constantly raising the bar with each event. (Do you realize she chaired graduations at four completely different locations? ) Of course, her assistant Isabel Ruiz-Moreno also needs to be commended for her support of this event.

More than 3500 attended the graduation ceremony, and campus never looked better!

Faculty were on hand to congratulate the graduates on their achievements.

Student speakers, cosmetology national champion Angie Gomez and two-term ASO president Allison Reid gave inspiring speeches.

Foundation board member Frank Ortiz gave a moving keynote. Faculty honorees of the Year were Dr. Freddie McClain, Klaudia Macias and Che Chancy.


Vice-President Ramon Castillo filled in for President Chapdelaine who was still recovering from a medical procedure.

The Cosmetology students remembered one of their classmates….and district administrator Gary Columbo called our graduation “the best he’s ever attended!” It was truly a beautiful setting as the sun went down behind the stage and the tassels were turned. It was truly a special day for our students and for us.

Dozens of people worked long hours to make this event extra special for our students. That includes the entire 2010 Graduation committee, soon to be chaired next year by Assistant Dean Luis Dorado. The Physical Plant crew, the Sheriff’s department, Media Services, the PE department, Student Services, ASO, the Public Relations Office, GAIN/CalWORKS, EOPS, Matriculation, Admissions and Records, LATTC Foundation, the President’s Office and Administrative Services all deserve congratulations.

Extra special thanks need to go to….

—Each and every member of the Graduation Committee for incredible input.
—Roxanne Romo, who worked all weekend to guide the set-up of the stage, the decorations, the sound and the seating areas. Your attention to detail is remarkable. 
—Phil Schmerber, who has become a true artist with the flowers and floral arrangements on stage. And of course, his crew.
—Diane Dodd, and her team for always making sure our security is top notch, from parking lot to venue. 
—Linda Delzeit and Patrick Reed for their heroic efforts in streaming the graduation.
—Joe Guerrieri and his crew for capturing this wonderful event on video.
—Frank Ortiz for his inspiring words as a keynote speaker.
—Charles Ruffin and his night crew of custodians, who worked until the early morning hours to break down and clean up the venue.
—Luis Dorado for coordinating the vendor areas as well as the pre-graduation ASO events.
—Joe Messinger, your photos are always award-winning.
—VP Mary Gallagher for giving us the flexibility to create such an event on our campus.

And VP Ramon Castillo for not only doing a great job filling in for President Chapdelaine, but for having the vision and leadership to make this type of event a reality.

Congratulations to the 2010 graduating class of Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. We are so proud of you!