President’s Forum Helps Launch Trade Bridge Academy

President Chapdelaine coordinated an informational President’s Forum on July 22nd, to give updates on our accreditation and to help launch the Trade Bridge Academy initiative. About 200 staff attended the gathering in the north tent, and listened as the president delivered the very encouraging news about our accreditation status, and the fact that the ACCJC has removed us from probation. We are now have been placed on warning, just so the accreditation team can allow for a cycle of planning integration. We now must work on three new recommendations for our midterm report. This is a very encouraging effort. The president then discussed the new college-wide initiative called the Trade Bridge Academy, a new student success initiative aimed at improving our degree, certificate and transfer rates.


Tom Vessella updated the participants on SLOs

Then the group broke up into four action teams designed to help implement the Trade Bridge Academy.