Honeywell Donates Trainer System to Trade Tech

Just an amazing day yesterday…and really the epitomy of the strength of our partnerships with industry. Through the hard work and persistence of one of our truly dedicated faculty…Renee Madyun…Honeywell has donated a process trainer to LATTC. This piece of equipment will allow students to learn very sophisticated techniques during their training here at Trade Tech.


Yesterday the Honeywell equipment was officially unveiled and President Larry Frank also brought the Executive Director of the LA Sanitation District Enrique Zaldivar, to create the partnership bond between this college, industry and the government job market.  Honeywell was represented by its President, Public Sector Gerry Gutierrez. We had four LATTC students demonstrate the trainer under the tutelage of adjunct instructor Dr. Virgil Shields. There was one very special guest in the audience and that was Varouj Abkian, an adjunct professor in chem tech here at Trade Tech. Not only is he an instructor but he has worked for many years with the city of Los Angeles in this field. He talked about not only recruiting students for Trade Tech but those who have been placed in jobs as a result of completing our program. Congratulations to everyone who participated and to Renee Madyun for her tireless efforts on behalf of students.


Mr Gutierrez and Mr. Zaldivar