President’s Weekly Message 8-6-18

Weekly Message 8-6-2018 PDF

Weekly Message 8-6-2018 PDF


Good Monday morning to you, August 6th, 2018—


For those of you taking classes during the second summer session, we hope your courses are going great. For those still attending a summer class, those that have finished your summer classes, and those who are not attending during the summer, now is the time to enroll in Fall classes. Do not wait, register online at or come into the Bridges to Success office in Mariposa Hall Room 105 and speak with one of our enrollment specialists. Bridges is open Mon-Thur from 8am to 6pm and Fridays from 8am to noon.

Fall 2018 Class Schedule PDF


In addition to the in-person support you can receive in Bridges, you can also find important academic deadlines online on the OAC Calendar page. Additionally, stay abreast of key deadlines on your mobile phone by downloading the FREE Grad Guru App today (available for Apple and Android)! You can add dates/deadlines directly to your personal calendar and get helpful tips and guidance – all geared towards helping you stay on track!


There have been some distressing stories that have hit some of our students as it relates to their use of disabled placards in our college parking lots. Sometimes disabled relatives will lose their placard and apply for a duplicate and later find their placards. These duplicate placards sometimes end up in the hands of family members. To get a replacement the family member must report the original placard lost or stolen, and that list is available to law enforcement. Even though the L.A. County Sheriffs provide security for our campus, the LAPD is allowed to patrol the garages to enforce the City of L.A. disabled parking rules. The LAPD does enter our parking structures and rooftop parking on almost a weekly basis comparing the disabled placards to the state list of lost or stolen placards. They have found a number of students parking with these lost or stolen placards, leading to a $350+ ticket for parking illegally in a disabled parking spot, $350+ ticket for using a lost or stolen placard, and – on top of that – their car is towed to a contracted lot requiring another $500 to $1000 to retrieve the car. This sometimes spells the end of the student’s ability to attend college. It is important that individuals know that the potential expense far surpasses the $20 per semester parking fee and plan accordingly. I have dealt with several of these tragic circumstances where our students made this mistake without understanding the full consequences. Please help us make sure it does not happen to any other of our students.


Don’t forget that every Tuesday morning between 10:30am and noon, we hold a food pantry as part of a partnership with the St. Francis Center. If you bring your student ID, you can pick up free fresh produce, food items and drinks. Come on by.



Also a reminder that every Wednesday there is an AA support group that meets in Room 205 of the Bradley Center for Student Life. The meeting takes place every week at 1:30pm. If you need help or support in facing issues with alcohol or drugs, you are not alone, and you are welcome. If you have any questions, please contact Donza Robinson.



I hope you’ve had a chance to see some of the latest external advertising we have placed on buses, trains, rail stations and bus shelters. The ads feature real LATTC alumni who have graduated to important careers. I hope these ads not only build enrollment, but give you more incentive to complete your education and take up a great career. We also have a robust social media push as well.


I encourage you to enroll before classes fill up and let us know how we can help you move forward on your educational journey.

Larry Frank
President, LATTC

College to Career, It’s All Here
L.A. Trade –Technical College