President’s Weekly Message 8-13-18

Weekly Message 8-13-18 PDF

Weekly Message 8-13-18 PDF

Weekly Message 8-13-18

Good Monday morning to you, August 13th, 2018—


We are just two weeks away from the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester. For those of you finishing off the second summer session, congratulations for moving closer to your educational goals.



If you haven’t enrolled in the Fall semester, please do it as soon as possible. Come by the Bridges to Success Center in Mariposa Hall Room 105, if you have any questions about the upcoming semester. We can help you secure classes and can guide you through any questions you might have about Student Services.



Just a reminder that those of you who might have used the Schools App, which was the internal Facebook, this platform is being shut down. This will not affect the campus’ official external Facebook page, which provides information on Trade Tech events, student information and stories of interest. You can follow us on Facebook and other social media.



In addition to the in-person support you can receive in Bridges, you can also find important academic deadlines online at: You can also keep up to date on key deadlines on your mobile phone by downloading the FREE Grad Guru App today (Available for Apple and Android). You can add dates/deadlines directly to your personal calendar, get helpful tips and guidance – all geared towards helping you stay on track!



Don’t forget this Thursday you will have the opportunity to sell some of your old textbooks. Come by the bookstore and bring those used textbooks.




Don’t forget that we have our St. Francis Center Food Pantry partnership every Tuesday in the K-Mall starting at 10:30am and lasting until noon. Bring your student ID and pick up some fresh produce and other items.



Also on Wednesdays at 1:30pm, we hold an AA support meeting for those facing addiction challenges. Come on by Room 205 in the Tom Bradley Center for Student Life if you would like to attend the meeting.



This Saturday we will host the LA Mobile Food Truck Expo in the South Campus for the fourth consecutive year, giving people a chance to investigate careers in the mobile food truck industry. For any of our business entrepreneurship or Culinary Arts students, the event is free and perfect for anyone with the food truck dream.



The college worked hard to bring a new “Production Track” paid summer internship program for our DMA and other students with the Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). They are in the second year of their Academy Gold Initiative focused on Talent Development and Inclusion. Of the first fifteen students in this program, four were from Trade Tech, a testament to what they saw in you. On Saturday, these four students graduated after taking an 8-week Master Class, industry panels Wednesday evenings and Sundays, visits to all the major studios, a week production on a sound stage and internships. Amanda Bonilla, from our Architecture program, interned on Quentin Tarantino’s new film shooting in Hollywood, providing CAD drawings of the primary building where they are shooting, to great acclaim from their Design Director. The three remaining students arose from Mr. Guerrieri’s Digital Media class. Tabia Johnson is working on this same movie as a production assistant. Thien Nguyen is working at L.A. Film Studios getting close to the editing process, and Terrence Mack seemed to be one of the more popular grads when he walked the stage. They all reported an amazing experience and will participate in a panel of their own at LATTC in DMA to help recruit for next year.



Remember, to make sure you get enrolled for the Fall semester before classes fill up. Have a great week and get ready.



Larry Frank

President, LATTC


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