Upcoming Campus Outreach Events

We have several outreach events coming up where we will need participation from our pathways and programs. On Tuesday October 16th, we are holding Manufacturing day on our campus where several high school and middle schools are being invited to the South Tent to join in looking at our CMU and ATM pathways. Then on October Thursday 25th, the National College Resource Foundation will hold its Think STEAM Expo for the fifth consecutive year at LATTC. This year the event will move to the North Quad and more than 500 students will be attending and taking tours of campus. We will need a great showcase of ALL programs at this event.
We will also need all programs to take part in the annual Cash for College event sponsored by the LA Chamber of Commerce. This is the third year that this event will be on our campus and we expect more than 4000 students, teachers and parents to attend on Friday and Saturday, November 9th and 10th. David Ysais will have more on these events but these are wonderful opportunities to promote your programs, so please support them.