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President’s Weekly Message

December 10, 2018

Good Monday morning to you, December 10th, 2018—

Well here it is. Finals week. This is the culmination of the Fall 2018 semester, which has been incredibly exciting for LA Trade Tech, and you have been a great part of it. From our work on strengthening our nine pathways, to our successful efforts with the College Promise push, college access and success for underserved students, the groundbreaking of our new Culinary Arts building, the Nike Nine, and the great start for both our Women’s and Men’s Basketball teams, this semester has been solid, and you have been the most important part of it.


We want you to finish up the semester, with your best possible effort. We have resources to help you and we encourage you to take advantage of them, as we wrap up the semester.


Today we have a treat for our CDC children. Thanks to the work of the Performing Arts Club, Santa Claus will be making an appearance outside of Mariposa Hall starting at 10am. If you want to get a photo with Santa, or you just want to see some smiles of our CDC children, come on by. And thank you to Jerry King, the locksmith on our campus, for donning the red and white suit, as he does every year.


The Latinx Faculty and Staff Association is holding a sock drive this week starting on Tuesday and running through Thursday, between 9am and 1pm. The socks will go to homeless families throughout our community.


This Tuesday we will hold another food pantry partnership event in the K-Mall at 10:30am. Please bring your student ID and pick up free fresh produce, food items and drinks, just in time for the winter break.


Last Tuesday morning, Assemblymember Miguel Santiago announced his new legislation, Assembly Bill 2, to secure funding this coming year for a second free year of college. His prior legislation, AB19, funded the California College Promise to secure the first year of college tuition-free for all students who graduate from high school and attend full-time. The state-wide announcement was made at Trade Tech. The assemblymember was joined by Mayor Eric Garcetti, LACCD Board President Mike Fong and members David Vela and Steve Veres, our Chancellor Dr. Francisco Rodriguez, along with AFT Faculty Guild President Joanne Waddell. Trade Tech students were also part of the news conference, providing real stories about how important the College Promise, and free tuition, can be.


We are going to focus when you come back on getting more students to buy the Metro U-Pass. The Spring Semester starts in February and in mid-February the next 26 week U-Pass will cost $152. And as long as you have applied for Financial Aid, you will be able to get a credit to purchase the U-Pass. If you simply use public transit eight times a week, you will save $160 off of the single use price, and every ride you take beyond that will be free. And if you take fewer rides, the cost gets pro-rated. And it allows you to use five other transit company lines as well. The U-Pass is available in the Bookstore but may be moving to the Business Office for your convenience. Get ready to use public transit when you return. Metro is making it hard not to consider traveling by train and bus.


Then this past Friday our end of the semester Gold Thimble turned out to be a remarkable event. We highlighted two groups of students. The Gold Thimble fashion show was a celebration of designs from Sister Cities: Los Angeles and Mexico City, and the Consul General of Mexico attended to lend support. Mexico has invited two of our students to fly to the capitol next week and Sister Cites is paying their way so they can work with the designers there on an upcoming runway show there. This year’s Gold Thimble winners were:


  • THIRD PLACE: Harris Winters
  • SECOND PLACE: Jessica Delahoussaye
  • FIRST PLACE: Kayla Cruz


  • THIRD PLACE: Betty Salguero
  • SECOND PLACE: Ivonne Cortez
  • FIRST PLACE: Summer Westlake


  • THIRD PLACE: Cai Dieu Mi
  • SECOND PLACE: Kayla Cruz
  • FIRST PLACE: Harris Winters


  • THIRD PLACE: Luz Torres
  • SECOND PLACE: Jamie Smith
  • FIRST PLACE: Summer Westlake


  • FIRST PLACE: Cai Dieu Mi


  • THIRD PLACE: Stephanie Penne
  • SECOND PLACE: Seleste Martinez
  • FIRST PLACE: William Gomez


  • THIRD PLACE: Erica Quiroz Moreno
  • SECOND PLACE: Wendy Cerda
  • FIRST PLACE: Michael Borscheid

THEME –Sister Cities-Los Angeles & Mexico City

  • THIRD PLACE: Harris Winters
  • SECOND PLACE: Michael Borscheid
  • FIRST PLACE: Kayla Cruz

And during the fashion show we also honored LATTC students now being affectionately called “the Nike Nine.” These students were part of over 300 students who took part in Nike’s “Diversity by Design” competition to choose the inaugural Nike Apprenticeship Program. They will be taking part in an all-expenses paid internship in Oregon for six months. Good luck to our students and represent!


In case you didn’t know, our men’s and women’s basketball teams are on fire during the holiday tournament season. The women just blew out three good teams in the LA Valley tournament, beating Ventura in the final 66-50. The men won their second tournament title at the Santa Barbara Classic this past weekend. The women are ranked #2 in Southern California! (The photo of the men below is from their first tournament victory!) (You gotta love the women’s shoes!)


A reminder that the deadline for transfer applications for CSU campuses and three UC campuses has been extended to December 15th. You still have time to submit your transfer application. Please stop by the Transfer Center for more details.


So this is the last week of classes for the semester and while we know you are focused on your finals, we also want you to spend some time enrolling in your Winter and Spring classes. Make sure you take the time to get into the PeopleSoft system and register for classes. Next week, offices will be open from Monday to Thursday, 12/17-12/20, in case you need any assistance on registering or financial aid. But the campus operations will close on Friday 12/21 and will be closed through Wednesday, January 2nd, when the Winter session will begin.

I hope this semester has been special for you. I want to personally thank you for your commitment and hard work. Do great this week and we will see you in January. And I hope you have a great couple weeks off from school, and possibly some time away from work, with friends and family and get to see a movie or two. Check out Roma and/or Green Book; both are amazing.

Happy almost Holidays-

Laurence B. Frank
President, LATTC

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