President’s Weekly Message 1-7-19

President’s Weekly Message 1-7-19 PDF
President’s Weekly Message 1-7-19 PDF


President’s Weekly Message

Good Monday morning to you, January 7th, 2019—


Our 2019 Winter session is underway and we want this session to help you get closer to your educational goals. Do not hesitate to take advantage of all of the student services we provide on campus.


If you have any questions about enrollment, either Winter or Spring, or want to secure your student ID, stop by the Bridges to Success office in Mariposa Hall, Room 105.



Tutoring services are available for FREE, all you need to do is stop by Academic Connections in Mariposa Hall Room 109-A.



If you have questions about financial aid eligibility or disbursement, you can visit one of our Financial Aid technicians on the first floor of Juniper Hall.



If you need a textbook or school supplies, swing by the LATTC Bookstore in Cedar Hall, first floor.



You can also ask us about other Student Services including: Supports in our 9 Pathways by Counselors and more, General Counseling in (Juniper 401), the Library and Open Lab (Mariposa top floor), Admissions & Records, the Business Office (Juniper Hall 1st floor), ASO (Bradley Center), the Cafeteria (Sage Hall), Extended Opportunities Programs & Services/Next Up for book grants and counseling for full-time qualified students (Juniper 205), GAIN/CalWorks (Juniper 403), Foster Kinship Care/Guardian Scholars (Bradley Center 100), the Dream Resource Center (Mariposa 108), Disabled Students Programs & Services (Mariposa 102), our Food Bank (K-Mall), the Veterans’ Center (Mariposa 101), the Career Center, the Worksource Center (Bradley Center 1st floor), the Consumer Resource Center (Bradley Center 1st floor), the International Student Center (Juniper 310), Puente, Umoja,(Juniper 2nd flr) Project Impact, the campus 12-Step Meeting, the Transfer Center (Juniper 201) and the St. John’s Student Health Center/Traynham Clinic (Mariposa first flr and at the 23rd St clinic.) And I am sure I am forgetting some of the great supports that we have on our campus, but this is enough to get you started in learning your campus. And Winter Session is the perfect time to discover these programs and services as our student population is one-fifth of that during the Spring and Summer sessions but our staff are present and available. Please explore Student Services.


A couple of things in the news of which you should be aware…



Today the state of California welcomes a new Governor into office. Gavin Newsom will now be running the state and you should know that he is a supporter of community colleges, and in fact has expressed his support of two years of free tuition at all community colleges in the state. Gavin Newsom’s Spending Plans


Several of you have asked about the effects of the federal government shutdown on financial aid. There is little impact on awards already in the pipeline as the Department of Education is already funded, but there are some issues with those trying to submit FAFSA forms online as the IRS that verifies info is part of the shutdown. Latest information


And some good news from All-Service Catering. Eric and his team will be on campus today, serving students and employees with a temporary food truck. Apparently Eric had some damage to his original truck, so he will use a substitute truck until the regular truck is operational again. As always, we thank Eric and his team for great service to the campus.


Hope the semester is going well, and please let us support you where we can.



Larry Frank

President, LATTC


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