President’s Weekly Message 1-28-19

President’s Weekly Message 1-28-19 PDF President’s Weekly Message 1-28-19 PDF Preview

President’s Weekly Message

Good Monday morning to you, January 28, 2019—

We are a week away from the beginning of the Spring 2019 semester. That means this is finals weeks for the Winter session, and for those of you wrapping up a Winter class, we encourage you to finish strong. We remind you to go to your student portal, and secure your classes for Spring if you have not already done so. Make sure to take a look at the Spring schedule and then register for classes; they are filling up fast.

Class Schedule – Spring 2019 PDF



Our student services team is gearing up for a new approach to Go Week which will start with the beginning of the Spring semester on Monday, Feb 4th. On each of the first three days, the campus will have informational and assistance fairs going on in the grass area outside of Mariposa Hall. These events are designed to welcome you back for what promises to be a great semester. The idea is to make sure that we answer your questions and provide all of the resources necessary to make you successful. All you have to do is stop by and take part. We will focus on separate services each of the first three days next week, so come on out and learn more about this campus, its partners and what we can do for you.



We will be offering a Metro U-pass this Spring, so you can ride public transit at a significantly reduced rate, covering Metro and five other transit agencies. It is structured so that students can use their financial aid credit in the Bookstore to purchase the pass, or finance the pass through the bookstore, or the U-Pass can be provided by EOPS or UMOJA, if eligible. Also, there is a differing fee for new U-Pass users as opposed to existing U-Pass users. New users can purchase Spring U-Pass starting as early as 01/28/19 for $120, covering fares through mid-June. Existing users that have Fall/Winter can use that U-Pass until 02/24/19 and can renew 02/25/19 for $96, covering fares through mid-June. Also, the price is prorated every two weeks, reduced by $6 dollars each week.


LATTC is partnering with TruConnect and Lifeline to provide eligible students with a FREE wireless phone that comes preloaded with the LACCD and Grad Guru Apps.

TruConnect is a telecommunications company that offers wireless products and services to customers all over the United States.

The Lifeline Program was created as a way of helping low-income households gain access to a “lifeline” of communication and emergency services through home telephone service. Lifeline is available to consumers who can provide documentation for eligibility based on their income level or participation in a public assistance program like SNAP, Medicaid, FPHA (Section 8), and others.



Have you signed up for the Grad Guru app?


In addition to the in-person support you can receive in Bridges, you can also find important academic deadlines online. You can also keep up to date on key deadlines on your mobile phone by downloading the FREE Grad Guru App today! (Available for Apple and Android). You can add dates/deadlines directly to your personal calendar, get helpful tips and guidance – all geared towards helping you stay on track!



Starting on Thursday, February 7th, LA Trade Tech College will be hosting a powerful exhibit for the next two months. The Undesign the Redline presentation will be housed in Magnolia Hall and will feature an historical account of “redlining,” the practice of refusing loans or resources to certain neighborhoods and communities deemed a poor financial risk. This exhibit will look at such practices in Los Angeles, as well as nationwide, and how it has affected people and communities. The fact that the exhibit will be here at LATTC is an important moment for our campus. We will have visitors from all Southern California here to learn from the exhibit. Please take the time to visit the exhibit in the Atrium to Magnolia Hall once it goes up. There’s more info at the link below.

Undesign Red Line

We encourage you to make sure you have secured all of your classes for the Spring semester sometime this week. Do not wait for the first week of school! If you need any enrollment questions answered, stop by the Bridges to Success office in Mariposa Hall, Room 105. You can also take advantage of the chat icon on our website, or simply respond to this email, and we will do our best to get you an answer as quickly as possible.


Good luck on your finals this week and let’s prepare for a great Spring 2019 semester.


Larry Frank

President, LATTC


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