Completing Your Certificate and/or Degree by Spring 2019?

SPRING 2019 Graduating Flyer PDF SPRING 2019 Graduating Flyer Preview

NOW is the TIME to SUBMIT Your Degree/Certificate Application!!!

Priority Deadline is April 1, 2019

Important Resources

  • Cross-Cultural Counseling Center: Juniper Hall, ST-203
  • DSPS Counselors: Mariposa Hall, MA-100
  • GAIN/CalWORKs Counselors: Juniper Hall, ST-403
  • Transfer Counselors: Juniper Hall, ST-203
  • EOPS Counselors: Juniper Hall, ST-416
  • International Counselor: Juniper Hall, ST-413
  • Advanced Transportation & Manufacturing: Oak Hall, F-212
  • Applied Sciences/Business & Civic Engagement: Cedar Hall, K-264
  • Construction Maintenance & Utilities: Sequoia Hall, B-230
  • Design & Media Arts: Cypress Hall, D-222
  • Health Sciences: Magnolia Hall, MH-208
  • Liberal Arts: Aspen Hall, TE-517

See Your Counselor to complete your application TODAY!

Submitting Your Application after the deadline DOES NOT affect your ability to participate in Graduation!!

If you wish to have your name in the graduation program, please submit an application by April 1!