President’s Letter to Commissioner

June 21, 2019

Mr. Rich Kollen
South Coast Conference Commissioner                                                                                                                      California Community College Athletic Association

RE: IPS Report and Self-Reporting

Dear Commissioner Kollen:

I just received the final recommendation from our Academic Senate Task Force regarding  athletics at LATTC, and the group has recommended pursuing Option #2 as our plan to move forward as a college with our athletics program. Option #2 will reduce our athletics to men’s and women’s basketball, and with that recommendation, I am officially deciding to suspend all other sports on our campus at this time. Just so you know, this same position in favor of reducing the number of teams and strengthening the systems and supports of our athletics program, has previously been recommended by our Educational Policies Committee (unanimous, with one abstention), our Planning and Budget Committee (unanimous with one abstention) and our College Council.

In addition, we will have a high school-sized soccer field come the Fall of 2020. That is the sport that the largest percentage of our students have requested in our annual survey each year for the past several years.  We understand that conference play can take place on a high school-sized soccer field, but that any CCCAA playoff game would need to be played somewhere else. We are looking at the first steps to bring that sport to our campus.

I understand that you have a copy of the Athletics Program Evaluation, Prepared For LA Trade-Technical College by Innovative Performance Solutions, INC. It was sent to you by Dean of Athletics, Ann Hamilton, and reviewed a while back. The principals in that firm are Timi Brown, EdD and Nicola Perry, EdS. Feel free to reach out if you need another copy.

I want to re-confirm that there is no additional self-disclosure or self-reporting required in the near future, and whatever self-reporting is required, will take place this summer. You have also communicated with Dean Anne Hamilton, acting VP Marcy Drummond and myself, and separately with Yvette Wickman, our athletics staff and counselor, about the student educational plans and indicated that you are satisfied that we have all copies of those plans.

Laurence B. Frank

President, Los Angeles Trade-Technical College