About Us

Program Overview

We serve as a one-stop resource center by bridging the community and campus, and providing quality, student centered services that:

  • connect students and community agencies with existing campus programs
  • reduce barriers to success increase the ability of students to confidently navigate and access college and community resources


Meet  Our Staff:

Eliza Hoyos Vences
Eliza Hoyos Vences Dean of Student Services

Hello my name is Eliza Hoyos Vences. I am the Dean of Student Services at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. Thank you for visiting the Bridges to Success Center website, we are here to help you build your path to success.

Feel free to stop me if you come across me on campus and email me if there is anything I can help you with. With questions or concerns please email me HOYOSVE@lattc.edu.



Jolene Martin
Academic Counselor

Hello, My name is Jolene Martin I work in Bridges as an Academic Counselor here at LATTC. I am a product of the community college system and went on to receive a Master of Science degree in Academic Counseling at the University of La Verne. My experience includes working as an Academic Advisor for Pepperdine University and Outreach Counselor at Santa Monica College and Los Angeles Valley College. My goal as a counselor  is to process information exchange that empowers students to realize their maximum educational potential. Academic counseling ensures that students will gain a clearer understanding of themselves and the experience of higher education. I look forward to working with you in helping you reach your educational and career goals!



Ibarra, Sylvia Student Services Assistant Ibarras@lattc.edu
Ibarra, Sylvia
Student Services Assistant

Hello my name is Sylvia Ibarra I am a Student Services Assistant at LATTC. Welcome to Los Angeles Trade Technical College, we are excited to help you succeed in and outside of the classroom. As a former ESL and Community College student I am passionate about creating systems that provide access and empower students. I am responsible for providing leadership in the planning, development and implementation of the programs and services offered by the Bridges to Success Center.

Furthermore I oversees K-12 Concurrent Enrollment and coordinate strategic partnerships with over thirty middle and high schools. I work closely with multiple CBO partners to implement and organize a number of grant funded programs and promote campus-wide initiatives including support services for specialized populations such as immigrant and disengaged youth as well as on-boarding for all students. At the core of everything I do I live by this simple yet powerful motto “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.


Barahona, Norma L Student Support Services Representative BarahoNL@lattc.edu
Barahona, Norma
Student Support Services Representative

My name is Norma Barahona. I am a Student Support Service Representative here at the Bridges to Success office for the last seven years. I’ve been aiding k-12 applicants and new students by providing them the necessary steps needed to enroll. I find it rewarding to assist students, learn about their success stories, and finally see them graduate. Having had previous experience as a program assistant at Los Angeles Southwest College, I was able to get a sense of the success that can be created through a helping hand. At Southwest, my primary focus was directed towards ESL (English as a Second Language) learners providing both outreach and preparing students to pass their Citizenship interview. Rewarding and enriching, I was able to discover my passion for helping students through the educational system.



Medina, Marvin E. Student Success Services Representative (SSSR) mediname@lattc.edu
Medina, Marvin E.
Student Support Services Representative (SSSR)

Hello my name is Marvin I have been working in the field of education since 2007 and have been at LATTC since 2009. I am bilingual in Spanish. I came to the USA when I was thirteen years old and realized that education is one of the best ways to accomplish your personal and economic goals. That is why I believe “Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity”.






Bilbrey-Velasquez, Betty Student Support Services Representative (SSSR) bildred@lattc.edu
Bilbrey-Velasquez, Betty
Student Support Services Representative (SSSR)

Hi my name is Betty Bilbrey-Velasquez, I have been working for LATTC since February 2015 in the Bridges to Success Office as a Student Services Support Representative. I have been working for the LACCD since 2007,  originally at ELAC as a student worker in Contract Education and gradually moved up to SFP Technician with the Foundation Office, I later was hired at Los Angeles Southwest College working for two departments which were the Passage Program and Freshman Year Experience also as a SFP Technician. Since coming to LATTC I have really expanded my knowledge on the onboarding process for new, continuing, returning, and prospective students. I try to ease anxieties especially for new and returning students who are nervous coming back to school by giving them information they need towards their student success.


Sergio Becerra
Sergio Becerra

Hi my name is Sergio Becerra. I have been working for LATTC since March 2016 in the Bridges to Success Office as a Student Services Support Representative.





Michelle Segura
Michelle Segura

Hello! My name is Michelle Segura. I am a Student Support Service Representative at the Bridges to Success Center (BTS) and the Dream Resource Center. I have been part of the LATTC family since 2011 assisting various support services. In 2016, I received my Bachelors degree from California State University, Long Beach in Business Administration-Marketing. I am committed and passionate to helping all students identify and navigate through various student support services in order to achieve their academic goals. Please be sure to stop by our center and say hello!





Armando Villalpando
Armando Villalpando

Hi my name is Armando Villalpando. I have been working for LATTC since June 2015 in the Bridges to Success Office.





Part Time Staff:

Name: Email: Position:
Alvarado, Karina  ALVARAK2@lattc.edu Program Assistant (DRC)
Claudia, Juan JUANCF@lattc.edu Career Guidance Counselor Assistant (CGCA)
Chobannyan, Vahan CHOBANV@lattc.edu Program Assistant
Dorado, Priscilla  DORADOP@lattc.edu Career Guidance Counselor Assistant (CGCA)
Galeno, Christian GALENOC@lattc.edu Career Guidance Counselor Assistant (CGCA)
Igbineweka, Adesuwa  IGBINEAB@lattc.edu Program Assistant
Orman, Simeon ORMANSA@lattc.edu Program Assistant
Okoriogha, Ufoma OKORIOUO@lattc.edu Program Assistant
Rivera Callejas, Damaris RIVERADA@lattc.edu Program Assistant
Robinson, James ROBINSJA@lattc.edu Program Assistant
Rodriguez, Christopher  RODRIGCD@lattc.edu Program Assistant
Romero, Dominique ROMEROD4@lattc.edu Career Guidance Counselor Assistant (CGCA)
Ruiz, Andrea RUIZA8@lattc.edu Career Guidance Counselor Assistant (CGCA)
Valson, Adam VALSONAC@lattc.edu Program Assistant
Vazquez, Alma VAZQUEA7@lattc.edu Program Assistant (DRC)


Contact information
Visit us at: LATTC Mariposa Hall (MA), 1st Floor Room #105
Call us at: (213) 763-5560
Email us at: Bridges@lattc.edu, you will receive a response within 24 hours
The office is closed during Holidays and Sundays