Child Development

Program Overview

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Planning Ahead

Mantoux Test: Some Child Development courses may require you to obtain a Mantoux test for Tuberculosis.The Student Health Center provides this service. Please call ahead for days and times.

Criminal Clearance: In order to fulfill State licensing requirements for employment in private and public programs you must receive a Criminal Clearance to work with young children. Consult with faculty for additional information.

CPR Class: Your employer may require you to take a 15 hour Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation class. This class covers training on basic first aid for infants and children, CPR techniques as well as information on basic health and sanitation procedures.


Child Development Associate in Arts Degree – Plan A (Transfer)
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Child Development Associate in Arts Degree – Plan B
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Child Development Certificates of Achievement
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Child Development courses for state permits and LATTC skill certificates
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