Psychology is a scientific discipline that employs systematic methods of inquiry to study and explain human behavior, both normal and abnormal in terms of a variety of underlying variables. Physiological, environmental and cognitive processes; developmental factors and individual differences, and social and interpersonal influences and contexts are used to study human behavior. Topics offered in areas such as psychobiology, learning and memory, motivation, perception, cognition measurement, personality, clinical, social, developmental, community and health psychology.

Students who continue on into a bachelor’s and master’s programs can find employment opportunities in the medical, teaching, counseling and social welfare fields.


Mara Bentley
Mara Bentley

Leslee Kortizke

Course Descriptions

Psychology 1 – General Psychology I (3) UC:CSU

This course covers learning, motivation, intelligence, personality, and methods of adjustment.

Psychology 2 – Biological Psychology┬á (3) UC:CSU

A study is made of the integrative relations of psychological processes to nervous, muscular, and glandular features of the response mechanism, including the structure and functions of the sense organs. Emphasis is given to recent experimental studies and research in the field of physiological psychology.

Psychology 14 – Abnormal Psychology (3) UC:CSU

This course is a review of the historical as well as the recent approaches to the study of behavior disorders. Topics include definitions of normality, theories of causation and symptoms of the various traditional classifications of abnormality and current methods of behavior modification.

Psychology 32 – Psychology of Women (3) UC:CSU

This course explores the biological and cultural determinants of women’s personality and development. Explores cultural stereotypes, sex role development, female sexuality, and women’s health issues in terms of the implications for personal and social change.

Psychology 41 – Lifespan Psychology: From Infancy to Old Age (3) UC:CSU

Human development from conception to old (life span) is studied with emphasis in the areas of physical, social, intellectual, and emotional aspects of development. The varied aspects of development will focus on growth and change affecting individuals during their many life stages.

Psychology 69 – Psychology in Film (3) CSU

This course will survey a variety of films that portray selected disorders including neuroses and psychoses, as well as intelligence, learning, memory, health, therapy and other topics as discussed in general psychology.