The subject matter of sociology includes the study and comparison of social institutions, social relationships, group structure and behavior, social organization, cultural values, social deviance, public opinion and communication, industry inter-group relations and social conflict, social change, urbanization, and population analysis.

Sociology as the science-of-society provides the student with a perspective for viewing and assessing major political, economic, religious, and familial trends in contemporary social systems.

Students that continue on in a bachelor’s and master’s degree program can find employment opportunities in teaching, social welfare, correction, probation and parole.

Course Descriptions

Sociology 1 – Introduction to Sociology (3) UC:CSU

This course is a general survey of the field of sociology. Study is made of the origins, development and functioning of major social institutions, and of related social problems in a changing society.

Sociology 2 – American Social Problems (3) UC:CSU

This course provides identification and analysis of contemporary social problems in the United States with an attempt to establish criteria by which an individual can judge the probable effectiveness of various schemes for social betterment.

Sociology 28 – The Family: The Sociological Approach (3) UC:CSU

This course provides a sociological analysis which contributes to an understanding of the origin, structure, and functions of marriage and family life. This course includes, but is not limited to, studies of sex roles, legal controls, religious attitudes, mixed marriages and financial and family planning.

Important Resources for the Sociology Student