Career Center

Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm,
Friday 9am-12pm

Location: Juniper Hall 413

The Career Center’s mission is to promote and equip students with effective career planning tools. Experienced staff assists students in developing an awareness and knowledge about their career options through the testing and interpretation of career assessments, career advisement, and information regarding
other available educational opportunities, such as internships, etc.

The following career inventories are available: The Myers/Briggs Type Indicator (personality
assessment), the COPS-COPES-CAPS career inventory, and the EUREKA Career
Information System.  Career/Life Skills workshops, resume and interview workshops,  a library of career books, videotapes, pamphlets and computer-aided job development tools
are also available to assist students with career and job opportunities.

Career Services

  • Career Assessments and Interpretation
  • Career Advisement
  • Career/Life Skills Workshops
  • Career Development

Eureka – The California Career Information System

Library & Resources

Numerous books, pamphlets and tapes on career-related topics, such as the Occupational Outlook Handbook are available.

Career Cafe

The valuable website provides loads of useful and exciting career information and resources. 

For more Information Call

Career Center ST-413

(213) 763-7104

Dr. Linda Cole, Director

Dr. Linda Smith-Gaston