Ready to Graduate?

LACCD Board Rules govern what Degrees and Certificates a student may earn during their educational career at LATTC. Select the catalog that is most appropriate for you based on the rules described.

  • RESIDENCE REQUIREMENT – At least 12 units of work must be completed in residence and attendance at the college during the semester in which the requirements are completed. Exceptions may be made for injustice or undue hardship.


  • CATALOG RIGHTS – A catalog year is defined as beginning with the fall semester through the subsequent summer. A student remaining in CONTINUOUS ATTENDANCE in the Los Angeles Community College District may elect to satisfy the degree, certificate or graduation requirements in effect at the college from which the student will either earn his/her degree, certificate or graduate: 1)  at the time the student began such attendance at the college, or 2) at the time of graduation.


  • CONTINUOUS ATTENDANCE – “Continuous attendance” means NO more than one semester absence within a school year, excluding Summer Sessions and Winter Intersession.  Note:  Students granted a “military withdrawal” under the provisions of Board Rule 6701.10, will be considered to be in “continuous attendance” for their required period of military service.