Enhanced English 101 (AB 705)

Have you heard about AB 705?

Have you heard about AB 705? PDF

In Spring 2019, if you passed English 100 or placed into English 28 you can skip one level and enroll in Enhanced English 101.

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What’s the difference between English 101 and Enhanced English 101?

Enhanced English 101 is a college-level English course that transfers to the UC and CSU school system. Because this course is enhanced, you will also have access to an instructor-led lab (taught by your same instructor) that will support you in mastering the skills necessary to successfully complete the coursework for your class.

If college-level English 101 reading and writing seems intimidating to you, or you have a hard time understanding your course texts, then Enhanced 101 may provide you with the necessary encouragement and support!

If you need help or have questions, please go to Assessment Center in Mariposa Hall (MA-01).

Which one should I take – English 101 or Enhanced English 101?
Available Enhanced English 101 Sections - Fall 2019
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