Catalog Course Descriptions: Powerline Mechanic

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Lecture: 6 hours Laboratory: 27 hours

The goal of this course is to produce candidates for an Electrical Distribution Mechanic (EDM) training program. Development of basic skills needed to be successful trainees will be emphasized. These skills include: overall safety considerations, power pole climbing skills, knowledge of the basic tools and materials involved with the electrical line crafts, general construction standards, basic rigging principles, and basic electrical theory that is specifi c to this trade. A 175 hour power pole-climbing certificate of completion is granted to students who successfully complete this course. A component of this course includes preparation for Civil Service Examination.

Special Note: Students during the course of instruction will be required to lift up to 60 lbs with repetition and will be required to climb and perform installation and maintenance operations at the top of 30 foot power poles. Physical or psychological limitations should be taken into account when enrolling in the class.