Programs of Study

Apprenticeship Programs (Restricted to Indentured Apprentices Only)

Architecture & Environmental Design – (ARC, DRAFT, EVN, INT)

Building Construction Techniques – (BLDGCTQ)

Carpentry – (CRPNTRY)

Contractor’s License Classes – (BLDGCTQ)

Electrical Construction & Maintenance – (ECONMT)

Metal Sculpture – (Skill Certificate)

Operation & Maintenance Engineering – (OPMAINT) Boiler License Exam Prep.

Plumbing Technology – (PLUMBNG)

Powerline Mechanic / Electrical Lineman-(ELECL)

Pre-Electrical Craft Helper-(ECONMT)

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning -(REF/AC)

Renewable Energy Programs – (ECONMT, REF/AC, BLDGCTQ)

Solid Waste Management Technology-(SWM TEK)

Street Maintenance -(ST MAIN)

Water Systems Technology-(WATER & WASTE)

Welding Gas & Electric – (WELD G/E)

Non-Credit Courses