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There are two primary parts to the training of an apprentice: (1) on-the-job training and instruction in the manipulative processes, and (2) in-school training which involves instruction in technical subjects related to the on-the-job training. On-the-job training is comprised of 40 hours per week of supervised work experience and instruction wherein an apprentice rotates through a series of sequential work experiences which are designed to develop the all-around skills of the trade.

State apprenticeship law requires that state and local boards responsible for vocational education administer related and supplemental instruction for apprentices. College offerings provide the apprentice with a study of technical subjects, subject to regular class attendance for the duration of the apprenticeship training period. An example of topics studied, which are generally applicable to a majority of trades, includes applied math and science, blueprint reading and drawing, materials, equipment, processes, and health and safety.

Los Angeles Trade Technical College plays no part in the apprenticeship selection process. For further information about apprenticeship programs operating in California and the possibility of becoming an indentured apprentice in any trade, contact the California State Division of Apprenticeship Standards at 8th floor, Room 8000,320 West Fourth Street, Los Angeles, California 90012. Their phone number is (213) 576-7750 or go to Apprenticeship Program Information Guide  

The LATTC Apprenticeship Program is located in Sequoia Hall, Room B-122. Phone: (213) 763-7151 or you can email