Operation Maintenance Engineer Apprenticeship

Schedule of Classes

Certificate of Completion:

A certificate of completion may be awarded for completion of a combination of 36 units in this program and the A/C Refrigeration Mechanic program.  Student apprentices will be monitored and evaluated during this program by the joint apprenticeship committee for their trade and will gain the skills necessary to perform as a journeyman in their trade.

Prerequisites: California Indentured Apprenticeship Period Four Years.

Required Courses: Units
701 Instrumentation I for Apprentices 4
702 Instrumentation II for Apprentices 3
703 Computers In Energy Management for Apprentices 3
704 Electric Motor Control I for Apprentices 4
708 Building Maintenance for Apprentices 3
709 Steam Plant Operation I for Apprentices 6
720 Heating and Ventilating Plant Operation for Apprentices 3
724 Fundamentals of Electricity 4
726 Basic Electronics for Apprentices 4
727 Industrial Electronics I for Apprentices 3
730 Safety and Energy Management for Apprentices 3
739 Locksmithing and Security Systems for Apprentices 3
740 Tenant Relations and Reports for Apprentices 3
744 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Controls for Apprentices 3
Total 53


Course Descriptions: See College Catalog