Architecture & Environmental Design

Architecture Environmental Design

Mission Statement:

In alignment with LATTC and CDM mission, we provide transfer and assistance with job placement in architecture and engineering offices, construction management firms, construction manufacture industry and government agencies. We use sustainable design strategies and current computer tools to record, organize, design and maintain the life cycle of the built environment; CFM, CAD, GIS, BIM, 3d Modeling and others. We provide a four semester two degree programs: Arch Tech and MAPS GIS and two semesters Certificates: CAD and Digital Design.

Program Overview:

People need places in which to live, work and play; to learn, worship, meet, govern, shop, and eat. These places may be private or public; indoors or outdoors; rooms, buildings, or complexes. Together, they make up neighborhoods, towns, suburbs, and cities. Professionals trained in the art and science of building design transform these needs into concepts and then develop the finished product.  Architectural Technicians are a vital part of that design process.

Los Angeles and the surrounding area are the cutting edge of modern architecture and construction, and Architectural Technicians are in high demand. Many exciting careers are open in the field including construction, drafting, estimating, building inspection, civil, electrical, mechanical and structural engineering, construction computer rendering, and computer-aided drawing.  Architectural Technicians assist the architect in defining, creating, and organizing buildings, urban spaces and cyber-spaces. They participate in the development of three-dimensional models that parallel finished buildings, as well as design studies, maintenance forecasting, materials testing, facilities management, sales and marketing.

Los Angeles Trade Technical College offers an Architectural Technology Associate in Arts Degree and its equivalent Certificates of Accomplishments (Core major classes without general education classes).

The equipment used in the classroom of Los Angeles Trade Technical College is the same as that found in a professional office with a Local Area Network Environment. The program emphasizes computer

Schedule of Classes

Architecture, Drafting, Interiors & Environmental Design:

State Approved Degrees and Certificates of Achievement You Can Earn:

Architectural Technology

Targeted Training Concentrations:  (Skill Certificates)

CAD – Computer Aided Drafting

Digital Design

Course Descriptions:  See LATTC Catalog